Soft Priest – Rearranging The Furniture

One of the oddest repercussions of the widespread availability sampling and mixing software is not the massive explosion in the production of electronic music, but the massive explosion in the production of very similar-sounding electronic music.

Much of the electronic music I receive does indeed sound different – but only in that the sonic elements have been tweaked. The templates are almost always the same. Shuffling the furniture around in your living room doesn’t suddenly create a new home.

It’s strange that, when presented with a limitless array of options for making music, people still follow the herd. A quirk of humanity perhaps. And speaking of quirks, here’s Soft Priest.

Soft Priest // In The Bosom

If the majority of new electronic bands have been rearranging the three-piece suite, then Soft Priest has shaken the whole house like a snow-globe. In The Bosom is – and here’s a word I don’t use often – a masterfully executed dalliance with electronica; a song that retains vestiges of humanity, clarity and fun whilst remaining firmly positioned in the ‘defiantly weird’ camp.

In effect, this song is a six minute, soft-play smokescreen behind which Soft Priest is hiding. We learn nothing and sense everything. Why would you want to want to know anything else? Excellent.

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