MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 3rd November 2010

Sometimes I wonder if I get stuck in a rut, featuring the same old junk-pop bands picked solely due to their jokey names. Wait – what do I mean ‘wonder’? That’s just nailed-on truth.

So this week, the Mixtape bands were picked at quasi-random, to ensure parity and to re-introduce some variety. Or something. The ANBAD donkey is keeping it old school to reflect this back-to-basics approach.

Welcome to the ANBAD Midweek Mixtape, the place where the maddeningly inconsistent meet the infuriatingly inaccurate ™:

FIRST! DD/MM/YYYY have been around for a bit, but still, strangely haven’t made that final leap I’d been expecting. Perhaps it’s because their data-field moniker reminds people that their credit card payment is overdue.

Their excellent new song I’m Still In The Wall has a video that makes me worry that invisible people might be watching me while I’m on the toilet. The song itself burbles and loops winningly, proving that 8-chip blooping can at times move away from it’s video game roots. Lovely.

SECOND! Filed Under: K is merely using a mind control powers to confuse innocent record shop workers. If you see a rack-filler in your local HMV store holding the latest release by Filed Under: K and anxiously glancing back and forth between the ‘F’ and ‘K’ sections, you’ll know why. Bush Rat (ft. HypeMan Sage) is the kind of thrillingly hands-in-the-air, knees-around-your-ears drum ‘n’ bass that I perpetually worry doesn’t get made any more. Excellent.

Bush Rat (ft. HypeMan Sage)

THIRD! Awaken The Bride make almost exactly the sort of CHUGGA-CHUGGA MENTALIST music I never feature on ANBAD, but three occurrences changed my mind:

  1. Playing this kind of music at regular intervals is good for the soul,
  2. Their song, Whoa, Powered Laces taps into the only reasonable source of nostalgia in the world – namely Back to The Future Part 2,
  3. The email they sent me was so pleasant and friendly, not featuring them would have been more than my soul could bear.

Fortunately, it turns out that their guttural, bowel-bustin’ rawk is actually pretty good. So everyone’s happy. Hooray!

FINALLY! Murdering Tripping Blues make, well, exactly that. Kind of lethal, kind of psyche, kind of bluesy. I like names that explain things clearly and concisely. Come Into My Waters is a dustbowl of fuzz and scuzz, which ends with the sound of hammers raining down on the band and their instruments. Nice.

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