MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 17th November 2010

I still can’t get over the claims that James Blunt saved us from World War Three. What an unlikely hero – even Hollywood couldn’t come up with a posh English military hero who suavely disregards orders whilst deep in Russia and saves the planet. Wait. Does this mean The Housewife’s MOR Favourite is set to play James Bond? Shudder at the thought.

How about a mixtape to distract your mind?

FIRST: Oh look – here’s old ANBAD favourites Youthless, as remixed by to-cool-for-school Nigerian sensation Olugbenga. He takes their already deliciously calming Golden Age, and twists it into a crêpe-paper mobius strip; simple, yet convoluted, finite and endless. Soft, bright, crystalline and golden – the kind of remix that does the oft-maligned practice of cutting up and re-arranging songs a huge favour. Excellent.

Youthless – Golden Age [OLUGBENGA EDIT]

SECOND: Smith Westerns have nothing to do with guns, and yet it’s all I can think of when reviewing them. Thus, metaphors abound, and in songs as supremely charming as Weekend, they shoot down (geddit!) theories that four-square guitar-driven songs have reached a dead end. If all their songs are as embracing and enveloping as this, the companies who make “Free Hugs!!!!” T-shirts will go straight out of business.

Smith Westerns – Weekend

THIRD: Hugo Frusslinky are from the Isle of Wight, and I’m trying to figure out why that excited me so much. But I can think of no real reason. Perhaps it’s that I wouldn’t associate such a down-and-dirty, belt-’em-out-and-leave-’em-sweaty rock band with a nice, gentile place like the Isle of Wight. Whatever works to escape from your environment. Hugo Frusslinky has no member called Hugo Frusslinky. I like that.

FOURTH: Himalaya – seeing as I’m gnawing at band names again, here’s one that compares themselves with the mightiest arrangement of rock on the planet. They’ll be making some sort of stratospherically ball-bustin’ RAWK, then, right? Wait – I’m missing the point – Himalaya’s transcendental, ultra-minimalist, uber-calm songs, like the genuinely lovely Panda Bears, reflects the ice-cold stillness of  a zillion tons of snowy rock. Delightful.

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