MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 10th November 2010

Twitter has brought us many, many wonderful things. I don’t need to list them – you’re probably tweeting your favourite celeb right now. However, this week, thanks to the combined tweets of @ryanpitchfork and @daverawkblog, I managed to view hopefully-fake, hi-res, super-veiny photos of Kanye’s meat and two veg. Thanks guys. The ANBAD Donkey celebrates in kind.

FIRST! Golden Glow was one of the many artists I wholly intended on catching at the In The City festival but didn’t for one reason or another (NB – probably due to watching D/R/U/G/S again). However, I did bump into Pierre Hall, AKA Golden Glow, just after No Age had rattled my eardrums, and I promised I’d write about him. I then promptly forgot.


Adore Me doesn’t try anything obviously new – there is no discernible Witch House influence, for example – but in truth Pierre has found a bright, warm, mega-watt take on the same guitar, bass and drums set-up that so many are using nefariously at the moment. Hail, then, one of the brave few who are using instruments as instruments, as opposed to quasi-posing devices. Good stuff.

SECOND! Hi-Horse, simply by hailing from Helsinki, means that you can safely assume that theirs is a brand of super-jangly pristine power pop, right? Well, for once, no. 7th Street Ninjas is a song more in tune with clattering Americana – as wide, open and expansive as the Mojave desert. And yet… the chord changes are just too delightful to be from anywhere else other than Finland. Lovely.

THIRD! The Paraffinsnow that’s more like it. ANBAD has been missing its regular dose of stupefying mentalism, and here, on screaming, thrashing and head-hammering songs like People Like You, The Paraffins kindly deliver. Don’t judge wholly on the freak-outs: songs like Something Good are deft, sweet and charming (and mental). Brilliant.

FOURTH! Magical Beast might well be the Jabberwock himself for all I can glean from mind-altering bursts of alien creativity like Kidmurmur, a lovely song that sounds like half a dozen other lovely songs all played at once. Structure is clearly an overrated concept in Magical Beast’s world, though on this evidence, it’s hard to argue on the contrary. A bewildering delight.

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