Young Hunting – Youth and Young Youth-hood

I’m no psychologist, but new bands seem to be suffering a collective existential crisis. Apparently, the skin-crawling realisation that they won’t be around forever has just simultaneously pinged into their mental in-boxes.

It’s gratifying to note that, instead of the bottom dropping out of their worlds, the bands have initiated a surprisingly inventive work-around: to fool themselves – and everyone else – by creating band names that imply juvenility.

Just look at the recent glut: the wonderful Youthless, the recently re-named Youth, Manchester’s Young British Artists, and now, joining in the fun: Los Angeles’ Young Hunting.

Songs like Into Yr Mind imply anything but naivety. If this song was any more misty and billowing, LAX air traffic control would need to be warned. There’s a specific but maddeningly intangible skill in creating a song that seems to be without either beginning or end and yet is so hopelessly engaging.

Indeed, evidence of any structure is thin on the ground, and this is the basis of Into Yr Mind‘s anaesthetised seductiveness. Enveloping, expansive and breathy, time seems to linger whilst the song passes, and by the end, they won’t be the only ones gasping for air.

The spirit of youth with wise heads and hearts. Perhaps Young Hunting are onto something. Delicious.

Photo: Stevie Raya

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