White Ring, Black Noise

Regular readers will be aware that I’ve been submersing myself in the ridiculous world of the sub-genre recently – partly because I’m interested in identifying the barely perceptible differences between various micro-genres, and partly because I’m a sucker for punishment.

More than anything, it’s fun to try to imagine exactly what the various exasperated music journos, PR scrabblers and bewildered DJs were thinking when they collectively scratched their heads and came up with an almost meaningless phrase to describes a new wave of music that sounds ever-so-slightly different to one that precedes it.

White Ring – Suffocation by ITCManchester

Take the excellently suffocating White Ring, whose music is so pitch-black that they are rumoured to make all of their music at Witching Hour whilst drinking snake venom mixed with virgin’s blood.

Apparently, White Ring make alt-dance. Not only is this possibly the broadest of all genre-tags yet applied, it also makes me wonder what the non-alt dance is. Donk? Gabba? Who knows.

Who cares, more importantly, when presented with music so thrillingly deep, sonorous and throbbing. White Ring dredge the lower end of all they touch – sounds, feelings, colours. We’re now entering an age where music is compiled via different thought processes where the sounds are built first, and then the songs – and White Ring are true exponents of this.

Excellently murky, and fathoms-deep. A shivering delight.


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