Phew – Friday is here already. And there’s a whole lot happening – and I’ll be covering it again, bleary eyed and phlegmy.

In between updates – if you’re a new band, why not enter the ANBAD competition to get your song on TV?

Here’s the liveblog:

14.45 Key points from  speakers: Work together, work hard, share. Holding on and not sharing will hold you back, not push you on.

14.10 Speaker from Murkage – the Manchester collective – casts light onto who’s in a new collective: they have DJs, producers, video/blog people, graphic designers… and then they have night swaps with other collectives in other cities. Sharing information helps them all.

14.00 Someone from Eastern Bloc says they became a posse when Face magazine called them that.

13.55 Collectives enjoy working together – they’re all working in the same direction, and the charts – where Chipmunk tops the album charts – reflect the work ethic and collaborative ethos.

13.50 This discussion session is a riot – great fun. Collectives seem to be entities that you can dip in and out of – Wylie has worked with many different collectives.

13.40 To start, we’re discussing the difference between a band and a posse/crew. Why aren’t U2 a crew? Why were Zulu Nation a collective?

13.30 Community Spirit seminar – posses, collectives and crews: what’s their motivation and why does their approach work? Johnny Jay, Dev from Radio 1, Ray Paul and others discuss…

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