Dumbo Gets Mad, Gets Even, Gets Away With It

This week I cracked. I emailed Bad Panda Records and ineloquently put them on the spot: have you signed a deal with Satan, or what?

It’s a reasonable question, honestly – if there’s another record label that gives away a Creative Commons-licensed song every Monday and manages to maintain as ludicrously high standard of releases, I’ve yet to find it.

ANBAD has featured so many of their artists now, that it became embarrassing a while ago. And yet how – why – should I stop when their hit-rate is similar to that of a teenage Mike Tyson?

Dumbo Gets Mad // Electric Prawn

Dumbo Gets Mad has the kind of throwback name that I remember Indie bands from continental Europe having before the internet threw open the doors of cool and suckered so many inside.

The music glances backwards too, without shame and without concern. Electric Prawn foists another clunker of a name onto a song gaily spritzing itself with the best parts of Psych and 60’s Pop. Starting at ? And The Mysterians, and quickly reining in the outlandishness, Electric Prawn is a swirling triumph.

Mastering the sound of a certain era’s music is one thing, but to nail such artisan nuts-and-bolt skills to a great song is a success of suspicious proportions. When the Hammond organ appears half-way through, you’ll understand why thoughts of Lucifer’s influence formed.

If someone played you this song and told you it was recorded in 1969, you wouldn’t believe them. Except, of course, you would. Its obvious that this song couldn’t have existed then. And yet it sounds exactly right. Genius.

myspace.com/dumbogetsmad // CC License: BY-NC-SA 3.0

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