Tortoiseshell, Autotune, Baby Monkeys and Piglets

Lo, I have seen the future of music. It is not, as some would have you believe, hypnagogic pop, chillwave or born of some other ludicrous micro-genre, but may well in years to come be seen as entirely symptomatic of music right now.

Brace yourself and find such earth-shattering examples here: in this song soundtracking a video of a baby monkey riding a pig backwards, and this auto-tuned interview with a stoner who heroically halted a planned Qur’an cook-off.

So, you now may be thinking, where’s the joke? Well, there isn’t one – if the cyclically re-appropriating, subversive and cut-up ‘n’ throwaway nature of today’s internet is better (or in the case of the baby monkey/piglet video, more *adorably*) illustrated, then I’ve yet to see it.

Tortoiseshell // This Girl

Music is now like any other internet-ready commodity: ultra-disposable, quickly mutating and fleeting in almost every respect. Where this leaves Tortoiseshell I’m not entirely sure, though – as always – I’m praying that a band of their hypnotically swoonsome quality won’t simply become more cud chewed up and spat out by the breathless music hype machine.

This Girl is the rarest of beasts: a simple love song that is elevated by a mixture of detached sincerity, cool execution and restraint. There is no deceit in This Girl, no ironic step-of-removal from the subject – it dives straight in, shameless, and is happy to explore; straight-faced, trusting.

So perhaps Tortoiseshell might avoid engaging with the endless gargle-and-spit nature of pop today, simply by virtue of their sincerity. I suppose chucking an ironic autotune remix onto their Myspace page couldn’t hurt…

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