The Vaccines Are Not Wu Lyf But They Might* Know A Man Who Is

“Who are The Vaccines?” we are supposed to ask, for here is another band merrily ploughing the Anonymity Furrow that has proved so useful and controversial for the mysterious Wu Lyf. (Just cast a lazy eye over the glut of indignant and barely literate conjecture on the Pigeon Post)

Still, it works. I want to know more. And so the exploration begins.

If You Wanna // The Vaccines

Their website gives nothing away, save for a selection of nicely cropped photos, and one avenue that we can confidently close off is the suggestion that they are purveyors of Seattle crunch-punk: these Vaccines certainly aren’t the same Vaccines that wrote Git Fucked Up, hearty and thrilling as that song may be.

So we’re left with the song to go on: alone, fragile, vulnerable – just what they wanted. When I covered Wu Lyf a while ago, I made no mention of the band’s music – a lame, quasi-Situationist jibe at their unknown status.

This was a cheap jibe, yes, and one I won’t repeat here, because If You Wanna is a delicious slab comprised of half-60’s vibe-pop and half juddering drum clout. It’s so fun, slick, skyscraping and confident that it needs talking about.

It’s also all we’ve got, all they’ve given, and all, frankly, I want at the moment. A face or two would spoil my mental image. And overcoming that hurdle is their next big challenge. But between then and now, we can simply enjoy the song. You know, the important bit.

Begin breathless exploration here, and excitedly post any discoveries below…

*or might not.

3 thoughts on “The Vaccines Are Not Wu Lyf But They Might* Know A Man Who Is

  1. I’m no fan of this trend toward mystery but they are Jay Jay Pistolet’s new band. Wasn’t really blown away by ‘If You Wanna’ when I heard it a couple of weeks back, would like to hear more.

  2. ….aaaaand so the mystery is instantly solved. *Thanks* Saam. You’ve blown the dreams of literally tens of readers.

  3. Shit Horse – Bowel-Clenching, Gutsy, Foxy | A New Band A Day!

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