YUCK – BOLD CAPS, Exclamation Marks: Unnecessary Yet Helpful

There was no need for me to write the band’s name in BLOCK CAPS up there in the title. But if one band  demanded the depression of the message-board shouter’s favourite button, YUCK were it. Hell, I’m going to throw in an exclamation mark next time I mention them too. Rampant recklessness abounds.

YUCK! is such a great band name that initially I felt like dancing a small, celebratory jig, and then I realised that a band with that good a name would probably write songs that were brilliant enough to coax uninhibited dancing anyway.

And heckfire, I was right: just listen to the sludgy, fuzz-bucket excellence contained within the stupendous Georgia.

YUCK! // Georgia

Coupling such sweet, dreamy and lovely vocals with such grimy guitar grumbling is a stroke of unexpected genius. Georgia is a truly delicious song: one listen will never satisfy. Each play supplies a zip of pure satisfaction that strums up and down your spine like a lover’s playful hand.

This is a song that conjures visceral mental images. All the best songs do. And this song dredges up flashes of orange-hued summer days of sweltering heat, cooling dips in rivers, fun, love and happiness. And cider. But that last bit’s probably just me. Lovely, brilliant, and lovely (again).


4 thoughts on “YUCK – BOLD CAPS, Exclamation Marks: Unnecessary Yet Helpful

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