Young Mammals, Where Kaleidoscopic Chaos Reigns Supreme

When was the last time a band successfully re-cut an old template?

Bands revisit the past time and again, yet few get beyond creating a mere pastiche. Today, Young Mammals tilt at a moving target, and in the resulting messy pop that they make, wildly succeed.

Confetti is a blustering, billowing forest fire of blissfully looping noise, chirruping guitars and vocals; a song that lands a marshmallow-mallet to the rear of the head – the subsequent gasp for breath and spinning stars are brilliant, dizzying and welcome.

It’s a boiled-down and sticky-sweet Loveless, all in one song – except there’s a brilliantly insistent, flighty quality to its Mobius-coil construction. Confetti is a song borne of love, insanity and a devotion to melding the two together.By the end of the song, normality is abandoned and a free-associating, beautifully kaleidoscopic chaos reigns.

Imagine a traditional children’s chanting nursery song recorded over and over again until lack of sleep causes a simultaneous and sudden burst of manic adrenal energy in all bandmates, and this is what the ensuing edge-of-lunacy song would sound like.

Simultaneously tight in its crafting and loose in execution, in Confetti Young Mammals have a huge, rug-pulling, delightful double-dosing song. Oh, and it’s a free download. Beat that.

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