FYFI: ANBAD is on holiday for a week and a bit. That’s why the vaguely holiday-themed tag is dangling up there at the top of the page.

But because I a) am obsessive-compulsive; b) am outrageously kind and c) love the sound of my own idiot voice, here’s a special bonus ANBAD Radio Show, covering the ‘lost’ best-of shows from the months when I was moving flat and didn’t even have time to sob quietly in a corner, let alone record a radio show.

ANBAD Bonus Radio Show!

So clickaroo, listen, enjoy some of the (genuinely) greatest bands ever featured on ANBAD, and imagine me sipping cocktails on a Spanish beach – because imagining is exactly what I’ll be doing too, as I’m not actually going anywhere at all. Sigh.

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Featured artistes:

Young British Artists // Bermuda Bonnie // The Horn The Hunt // Takeda

Oh, and here’s the really rather good Kopparberg Spotify Playlist I helped compile:

Kopparberg Spotify Playlist

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