Zebra and Snake and Tim Davie’s Frantic Back-Pedalling

Hey, remember the fuss about the proposed closure of BBC 6Music? No, neither do I.

But plenty were enraged at the time. A fuss was splurged all over Twitter; tiny, ironically hi-topped, feet were stamped; and online petitions – the world’s least-regarded form of complaint – were clicked.

I am pleased at this volte-face, not least because it makes BBC grand fromage Tim Davie look just like the hopeless cretin that one 6Music DJ memorably described him as to me.

Moreover, it presents me with a readily-seized opportunity for smugness, as my wildly hopeful 6 Music Conspiracy Theory turns out to have skirted around the edges of truth after all.

Dipping into Scandinavia’s vast new band resource is always reward in itself, and yet with the good 6 Music news, it becomes yet another reason for celebration. Here is Zebra and Snake, a typically bonkers Finnish band who make music that will rattle your ears with its invention, audacity and downright strangeness.

Zebra and Snake // Big Bad Drummer

There is always pleasure in re-appraising beauty, and by listening to the synth-heavy cracked pop of Zebra and Snake, we can hear the strains of all the confused brilliance contained within all the other Finnish, Swedish et al bands that have graced ANBAD’s pages.

There’s no other part of the world that I can think of which is making such deeply pleasing music, with such an absence of self-importance, and having such a good time doing it.

These are qualities that we all ought to celebrate, happily and loudly, and with the salvation of BBC 6Music, one that we can do that little bit longer. Viva 6Music!


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