My friend Hagop – crazy name, crazy guy – is setting up a website to help people who are starting new bands. He’s one of those ultra-hyper people who has boundless energy and a zillion interesting stories to tell – he was in a band who played to tens of thousands, he worked with Hot Chip, yadda yadda.

Funnily enough, his fatal flaw is to believe that I have something of use to tell the rest of the world, and so he interviewed me. We talked excitedly, and at peculiar length, about how bands can help promote themselves to music bloggers.

The result was actually interesting, and strangely useful if you’re in a new band:

Interview With Joe Sparrow From A New Band A Day

Reciprocal Promo Bit: Hagop’s new website starts today! and it’s specifically designed to help new bands ‘niche’ there way through the nascent stages. He has a ton of material, like this interview, about helping your band get to where you want to go. Have a look here


  1. Hi Joe,(notice I resisted the temptation to open with “Hey Joe”)

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the interview you did with Hagop. I’ve taken 4 weeks off work to research how best to use the internet for branding and promoting my music so your input has been very timely. As someone who spent many years opperating within the old system ; manager, label, publisher etc, web 2.0 has been quite destracting territory to explore. A bit like a movie portrayal of a noisey middle eastern market place with the traders all jostling to get your attention.

    Anyway – great reviews and well done for keeping on top of what must be at times be quite a demanding brief.

    I shall now go and look for the RSS feed and subscribe.



  2. Hey Dominic!

    Thanks – glad you enjoyed it. Some good points came up in the chat – I’m surprised how useful it turned out to be!

    And congrats on such a bold decision in taking 4 weeks off to push yourself! I’m sure you’ll find it beneficial.

    On the occasions anyone asks me advice on promotion, I always stress that the quality of the songs you make are roughly ten million* times more beneficial than any amount of self-generated publicity. A good song will save you a thousand hours of PR…

    Good luck!

    *maybe not ten million

  3. The Spills; and Email Template Tips For Great Success! | A New Band A Day!

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