Leyli, Beauty and Endless Opportunities For Learning

My online French teacher told me that it was OK, and that means it is true.

She said that learning a foreign language can take whatever form I like – and so, with a staggeringly unoriginal non-deviation from my usual routine, I used this as an opportunity to listen to lots of French language bands.

So imagine my slight disappointment when I later discovered that this is recognised as a great way to learn. That’s not fair! I’m trying to be different, OK, not one of the herd.

Still, before I abandoned this approach as – pah!entirely uncool, I discovered Leyli, whose delightfully decompressed tilt at songwriting calmed my ire to the point of horizontality.

Leyli // Le Bout De Ses Doits

Le Bout De Ses Doits begins at a relaxed pace and slows down as the song progresses. By the end it is barely there, a soft, slight shuffle. Perhaps this is the perfect music for falling to sleep to.

Beauty manifests itself in all sorts of forms, and is experienced by different people in different ways, but when a song like this pokes us in the eye and demands your attention so, a soft sigh is universally exhaled.

Leyli have discovered the secret of musical minimalism – not in the Deep Bolivian House kind of way, but in the careful dispersal of just enough gentle sound to allow songs like Le Bout De Ses Doits to infiltrate the gap between consciousness and semi-consciousness, and permeate your very being with calm.

Relax – and remember: every day is a school day, if you want it to be.


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