Heretics: Rick Wakeman + Duran Duran = Success

Feeling exhausted after yesterday’s ejaculatory splurge of enthusiasm over such youthful and refreshing music making, I now need a band that does all the hard work for me.

There are bands that make you do the sweating and bands that do that on your behalf. Look at old ANBAD favourites My Bloody Valentine – to see them live is to experience utter helplessness. There is nothing you as an audience member can do other than cower helplessly under the overwhelming barrage of noise emerging from the stage.

And Lo! Here’s Heretics, a band who have pushed all the faders on their vast bank of synths to the top, have summoned up their inner Rick Wakeman and have crafted – no, splurged – a handful of  overblown keyboard operettas.

Frankly, I feel like I ought to have a natural dislike for music formed so comprehensibly from such sloshy synths. Blame Duran Duran. But however ludicrous such massive songs may be, it’s hard not to be won over by such unyielding force.

We Could Leave is so deliberately dark, moody and Eighties that we ought to reject it outright. But you won’t – there’s something alluring and magnetic about Heretics‘ music. A strange pleasure. Prepare for comfort/discomfort.

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