B-Lock And The Girl; The Zingy Acidic Audacity Of Hope

Today I had the strangest feeling. I doesn’t happen  often, and I’m at an age and time in life where I don’t trust the zingy acid feeling under the skin that feelings induce.

But there it was – and the feeling was Christ, this band are really good. Blogging about so many bands means that a New Band Thick Skin is formed pretty quickly, and as most new bands fall in the centre of the Quality Bell-Curve, I enjoy them and then move on to the next one.

Only a few are at the very extreme edges – bands that surprise with their musical eloquence and pierce the fog of banality. B-Lock And The Girl are one of those bands.

B-Lock and The Girl // Tired Of The Sick Hype

There’s so much that excites me about this band, this song, this moment, that I feel like I’m going to burst. As far as songs recorded in a garage/cheap demo studio go, this one is brilliant – in two and a half minutes they cram in enough invention, new ideas and moments of QUIET/loud shock to elevate them way beyond the majority.

Every great song has  a moment that forces a strangled ‘Yes!’ from the listener, and Tired Of The Sick Hype has one too – about a minute and half in: a break, a stutter, and then the song rushes off to the climax you hoped for.

Good bands, good films, good books give pleasure because of the satisfaction of them enfolding the exact way you wanted them to, or in the exact opposite way. B-Lock And The Girl‘s songs do this, too.

Their Myspace page has had 500 views. Their Twitter feed has three followers. Have I managed to stumble on something special here, against all the odds? Find out for yourself:


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