Aerials Up! Word Count Down!

Getting wrapped up in something on the internet to the point of running out of time elsewhere is inherently silly, and yet after a huge splurge in traffic at my other blog Bad Cover Versions, it’s exactly what I’ve done today.

So this post is a little curtailed, and I apologise profusely. Look on the bright side: perhaps this time the music itself will do the talking, as opposed performing tricks in the background, trying to grab your attention from my incoherent jabbering.

And what a song to choose to showcase in such rarefied environs. Apparently Aerials Up have only been spluttering and gasping for a year – and already they’ve whelped a song as direct, positive and wholesome as any you’ll have heard for a while.

Aerials Up // Stay Awake

The band is vast – think Arcade Fire having eaten The Polyphonic Spree – and look as equally wholesome as their songs. A more ruddy-cheeked and cheerful bunch I have never seen.

All of this – their innate happiness, which bleeds joyously into their songs, and their love-bomb songs themselves – can’t fail to shove everything in your life, very slightly, into a new, ultra-positive perspective.

Thus Tony Robbins should look out. Good clean fun, in the best possible way.

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