Longsleeves; Collect-This, Collect-That, Collect to Win!

Collectives, eh? They’re the new everything.

As usual, blame the internet and its free-thinking ways. I don’t know how the progressive thoughts of a few neo-hippy geeks sits with you, but if collaboration and sharing are the results, then pass me the sick bucket. Everything was better when a few wise cigar-chomping sages controlled the destiny of the hungry many.

Only kidding, of course. This kind of operation is so vastly superior to what went before, its almost silly.

Working as a collective must be just simply easier – whether your collaboration is musical or organisational, the grinding weight is lifted from the hitherto struggling individual, and better music is clearly the result.

Take Golau Glau as a good example of the stupendous collective-derived music that has come before, and to them add Longsleeves, part of the ominously-named Sixty Years War Collective.

Longsleeves // Bring The Devil Into The House

Bring The Devil Into The House sits comfortably somewhere between exhileration and downright puzzlement. A song for all emotional seasons, if you will.

Building with vicious precision and an unwavering adherence to The Rules – ‘music must = good times’ – Longsleeves has created a sound that is almost unique.

By dragging together such desperate sounds – glossy, pearly synth noises, hissing, compressed snares, the sound of a 1980’s home computer loading from a tape, Longsleeves are not only light years ahead of the majority but also the best and most persuasive argument for the collective system yet. Great.

Listen to more Longsleeves here

5 thoughts on “Longsleeves; Collect-This, Collect-That, Collect to Win!

  1. I am not sure what you are trying to impress upon someone who reads this review/story. You are correct in regards to the 1980’s computer sounds. Quite frankly, my mind begins to swim in memories of grade school in New York playing with an Apple IIE and creating those same sounds then sampling and oversampling them over and over with a cassette tape manually.

    This of course is better than that, but not by much though.

    A friend of mine used to DJ in Manhattan, back in the 90’s at the crescendo of such people as Frankie Bones. I remember when he first started mixing on multiple turn tables. Like this, it came one at a time and not many at the same time. It was incredibly basic.

    This is incredibly basic.

    Come back to 2010 and download a number of different mixers, etc and you can come up with this same thing too.

    As an aside, you may want to review your yahoo music player script. It is annoying. Aside from that, you have a nice site here, I wish you the best and if you decide to post my post, maybe I’ll write more :P


  2. Hi Mr R. You’re the first person to complain about the Yahoo player – care to elaborate please? Thanks!

  3. Sure. First, it keeps catching my eye in the bottom corner. That is probably nothin gmore than an aesthetic issue I have with it. More importantly, when I played the clip, it kept on playing. When I tried to pause it or stop it, it would pause/stop and then start up again a few moments later. This became incredibly annoying. Now, as I am writing this at my office, without touching ANYTHING it begins playing. THAT is not cool. There is a really cool plugin for wordpress I am incorporating into my blog which is ten times easier and more professional looking (IMHO). If you would like to me to send you the link to it on wordpress I can later.



  4. Thanks for your feedback – TBH, not experienced those specific issues myself, but I will look into it. And sure – send me that link, sounds great.

  5. here is the link:


    It looks really nice and clean from what I have read. If you should use it an dit messes something out, please don;t blame me. I have no affiliation with the creator or anything. It just looks really nice.

    Good luck.


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