MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // May 5th 2010

The Mixtape in which ANBAD is Back, Wack and the Axis Of Mack

Well, that was an extended break wasn’t it? ‘On holiday’,said the tab on the logo, but blistered fingers, aching back and a fried mind bely a misnomer of epic proportions.

In reality, ANBAD was moving flat – which, as, any morono-pop psychologist will tell you, is the second most stressful event in life, after being trapped in a lift with a hungover Mark E. Smith.

So here’s a Midweek Mixtape to soothe a troubled soul. The donkey picture returns, but this time googly eyes are tastefully utilised to convey sadness and shock. And LOLZ. The tape:

FIRST! I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper have a name that belongs to a sludge metal band, but actually the truth is even more predictable – they’re yet another tuneful, winsome and thrillingly tidy Scandinavian pop-rock band. Finland, to be exact.

I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper // A Day Like This

Spoken-word lyrics, a driving beat, squeaky synths – A Day Like This is a scrabbling, scuffling thrash-pop nugget of joy. Just as you’d expect. Excellent, inevitably.

SECOND! Daddy Lion must be some kind of rapscallion. The music demands it. Rumbustious songs like Divine are the mark of a scallywag, at least. Rousing dum-dum-bullet (IMPORTANT N.B.: not ‘The Dum Dums’) songs. Nice.

THIRD! Woozy Viper make supremely satisfying and – yes – woozy, stripped-down, sharp, sing-a-long quasi-rock/blues numbers. They are giving their album away for free. I could think of much worse consequences of a few errant social-networking mouse-clicks. Justin Bieber, for one.

FOURTH! 5 Cent Theatre Can you imagine Fiddy Cent doing Shakespeare? “Alas, poor Tupac, I knew him well…” wait – it’s 5 Cent Theatre. Ah – well, imagine Fiddy’s thesp leanings whilst listening to their excellent creep-rock and you’ll have the best of both worlds. Nice. Brrrap!

THATS IT! That’s it. Normal service resumed tomorrow.

PS: This month’s radio show is delayed while ANBAD gets its act together. It’ll be along soon, promise.

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