MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 12th May 2010

Like the pendulous testes of a rampant bull, time swings gracelessly back and forth from one Midweek Mixtape to the next. And so, here we are again, metaphorically clunking the C90 of destiny into the Sony Walkman of doom.

Prepare to be overwhelmed by another collection of odds, ends and buried audio treasure from the ANBAD pit o’ bands. (Midweek Mixtape Completists please note the donkey has a novelty hat and googly eyes this week)

FIRST! Dandelion Snow has written a song called Belly Of The Beast, which , as all Steven Segal fans will know, is one of the chop-socky moron’s most truly terrible movies. This is not that song:

Dandelion Snow // You, In That Hospital Gown

You, In That Hospital Gown is indeed the kind of song you’d play from an old boombox to a loved one in a coma. As such, prepare for feelings of infinite insignificance and prepare to hug your nearest and dearest a bit tighter.

SECOND! Keramick and Lobo‘s jittery yet slick sounds are a bold attempt at fusing glitchy twinge-noise with commercial pop. It’s not their fault. They’re from Finland, and so can’t help but inject lush pop into everything they do. I stayed over at their house: for breakfast they have Cheery Melody-O’s.

THIRD! Flotilla also sound a little Scandi-pop in some ways. Their vocals are naive and cute, and in songs like Charlie, I’m Through, they deftly avoid the  potential schoolboy euphemisms, and craft a slight song of actual – well – emotion. They also have that lovely knack of sounding like they’re playing the song in the next room, which seals the deal.

FOURTH! The Mauxms are a Jazz-Rock-Experimental-Progressive-Punk-Latin-Psychadelic band. Talk about covering your bases. Their EP cover has a picture of a naked woman hugging a purple octopus. What else do you want to know? OK, have this: their music is nowhere near as bad as it sounds like it should be – in fact it’s great fun. Curses.

STOP! No more!

<a href=”http://www.anewbandaday.com/songs/example1.mp3″>First link</a>

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