Kaskas; and Finland’s Fey National Service Revolution

In the end, it’s about sheer numbers. And now I’ve written about so many bands I can’t even begin to count them.

Well, I can – it’s probably around the 500 mark – but some facts are best left unknown, especially ones that make you reconsider your sanity. Still, one of the fun side effects is that I have no idea if I’ve done today’s band before or not.

It would just be safer to blame Finland, because Kaskas are what seems like the thousandth precise, charming and jaunty poppy rock band to come out of Finland this month.

At a guess as to the source of this glut of bands, I can only imagine that national service was abandoned some time in the mid-90’s and replaced with compulsory Jangly Guitar Service and Laconic Vocal Delivery Orders.

Kaskas // Grandmother Weaves

Grandmother Weaves, with its soporific slouch and utterly casual undertones, is the kind of song you’d like to listen to whilst enjoying a Friday night sunset by the sea, brandy filling your glass and peace filling your heart.

Kaskas manage to introduce a drizzle of easy-listening lounge-drone into the song, and instead of clubbing it into a dull grey coma, it actually shoots it through with vim and vigour. Utterly sweet, soft and calming. A surprising delight.


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