Grasshouse; The Dangers Of Folk and Folk-Related Materials

All this folk music that’s been on ANBAD recently is making me feel decidedly uneasy.

Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with folk, I hasten to add, it’s just that – well… that’s the music my dad listens to, isn’t it? Am I, in the words of Joe Strummer, ‘growing up and calming down’?

Maybe. I do, after all work for Clampdown Industries, Inc. these days. Still, it doesn’t seem too long ago when, for me, a folk song might send me rushing to dig out old Mr. Oizo records.

So maybe it’s that Grasshouse‘s Bottom Of The Sea isn’t a folk record at all – it’s just a nice ‘n’ uneasy rockin’ stroll that just sounds like a folk song.

Grasshouse // Bottom Of The Sea

Actually it’s more blues, isn’t it? Or folk-blues? Or gothic-folk-blues? Whatever – Bottom of The Sea is a minor delight, retaining a strange sense of humanity despite the ludicrous premise.

As the song builds, it explores increasingly weird and uncomfortable cubbyholes, and as the song passed, so did any anxiety I had about listening to it. Blackest of black beauty.

NB: It’s a bank holiday for the next few days here in the UK, so normal service will resume on Tuesday – starting with the exciting Best Of March Radio Show Round-Up! Set knees to ‘tremble’.

2 thoughts on “Grasshouse; The Dangers Of Folk and Folk-Related Materials

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