New Band Clear Out! Possibly A Regular Feature Now. Dunno.

Another week, another glut of bands to poke suggestively in your direction. As this is becoming a regular occurrence, maybe it’s time to come up with a better name for the feature than ‘Band Clear-Out‘, because these aren’t just any old bands, you know.

Answers on a postcard, please. Wait, is that reference even understood by anyone under 30 any more? Either way, let me know.

And that hustle-bustle of noise is this great bunch of new bands all vying for your attention. Click the band’s name for their music:

First! The Leaf Library are not only delightfully droning and waning, but have a list of ex-band members on their Myspace page. Each name is suffixed with the word ‘Drums’. I expected them to list the reasons for their departure, a la Spinal Tap (‘choked on vomit’), but alas, no. Here’s a truly delicious ISAN remix of one of their songs, on one of those horrible Soundwave players:

Second! The Shimmer: Basso vocals, synths, gloom. Twangy basslines. Black and white photography. You know. You’ll think you’ve heard it all before, and just as you’re thinking that, you’ll realise you were wrong. I like it when bands do that.

Third! Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk. You learn something every day, don’t you. Producers of warm, crackly and delicate songs about Jeremy Irons and worms, BBDDM will sooth your soul, stroke your hair, and just as you’ll begin to fall asleep, will tell you other useless avian facts. Possibly.

Fourth! Babeshadow If I’d had the foresight and realised there would be two bands in a row to do with babies, I’d have made this post thematic as opposed to hopeless rambling. Oh well. Babeshadow make music that’s quite now, all polyrhythms, heartfelt lyrical prose and bare guitar plucking. It’s nice.

Finally! Nobless Oblige are a typhoon of great hair, pomade and natty clothing. No, it doesn’t sound promising, does it – but you’d be wrong: they make glam-pop songs that will confuse your tiny mind. And one with a kazoo, called The Lady With A Kazoo, naturally.

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