Yanmolby; and Blur, Oasis, Trapezoids

Togetherness is good. Sharing is caring. It’s nice to be nice.

Look at the lengthy comments clustering around this opinion piece on live gigs from a few weeks ago, and wonder how much better off we’d all be if bands and audiences actually got together to chat.

Rather than eyeing each other suspiciously from opposite grimy corners of their local venue and sullenly exchanging trapezoidally mis-cut flyers as if they were at an anti-capitalist rally, what if they collaborated, shared and revealed?

Indie music has always been tribal, reaching its bowel-loosening nadir in 1995’s Oasis Vs Blur fiasco – and the only beneficiary has been the  industry coffers.

This is not just a shame, it’s a catastrophe of sorts: how many kids who determinedly identify themselves with Arctic Monkeys, say, would give Yanmolby the time of day?

Yanmolby // I’m A Blur

Two of Yanmolby ‘make the beats’. Another plays the bass. It sounds like the middle-class-attempt-to-be-cool from hell, but this assessment is miles wide of the mark. I’m A Blur is a sneakily brilliant assault on the dancefloor, the frontal lobe and your speed-freak heart.

All dance music is repetitive, insistent and driving, but there’s a razor-thin line between ‘drab looping noise’ and ‘delicate/thundering ingenuity’. Guess which side Yanmolby fall on?


2 thoughts on “Yanmolby; and Blur, Oasis, Trapezoids

  1. It’s good to see Yanmolby getting a little hype – i’ve been furtively enjoying their beatsy charms for a couple of years now. Great new track too. Aces.

  2. That was a pretty cool track. I wonder if he’s interested in having it remixed. There are some artists on my web site that I’m sure would be interested in collaborating with Yanmolby. I also agree that there should be a lot more contact between bands and their fans. After all, who id not the fans are worth tapping into to get feedback. I always encourage artists to get heir fans to set up fan accounts on TheBMN.com for three reasons: 1)It’s free 2)It allows the band or artist to have a direct communication line of communication (in addition to whatever they are doing now such as mailing lists, blogs, pod casts etc.)with their fan base 3)Fan votes get them radio play on our radio shows.

    Good luck to Yanmolby! I would love to get him on the air if he is Interested.

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