King Antics; and Meaningless Achievements – Featuring A Guest Appearance From Eddie Argos!

These days, it’s all about numbers. So whether reaching the nicely-rounded 500 mark in Twitter Followers is a big deal or not is a moot point. It just is, OK?

For me, added excitement  came in the suave and witty form of Art Brut‘s Eddie Argos, who, with a click of his mouse, became ANBAD’s 500th follower. Such delightful serendipity is one of life’s most enjoyable quirks.

Eddie is currently gigging with his ‘other’ band, Everybody Was In The French Resistance…Now (Smug Face alert: they featured on ANBAD nearly two years ago). His band rights the wrongs of other songs, settling scores with both Avril Lavigne and Martha and The Vandellas.

King Antics don’t rail against such perceived wrongs. Don’t hold this against them. Not everyone can be so altruistic. Instead, they train their considerable talent into the manufacture of vast, strenuously epic songs like Liars.

King Antics // Liars

Dig into songs like Liars and you’ll find layer after layer of satisfyingly outré sounds, textures and intent. Liars is a good demo. There are inherent problems with this.

The danger of a good demo is that the high points become taken for granted, and – with good intentions – improvements are sought in the final mix. This invariably results in the ironing out of the prickly, exciting bits in favour of a smoother sound.  Fingers crossed that the ‘real’ version will retain the shards, the strange out-of-place/right-on-the-mark sounds and the sharply quirky edge.

Photography by case@lesfauves

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