Another New Band Clear-Out; Endorsement From Lydia Lunch To Follow

The Bible says that gluttony is a deadly sin. Lydia Lunch says that, “it’s important to encourage gluttony in all its formats.” I’m not entirely sure the bible is right. I’m with Lydia. Too much of something good is almost never enough.

Thus, here’s a belly-full of new bands, in the second attempt in as many weeks to rationalise the heap of CDs that fills the ANBAD New Bands Pit. It’s another ANBAD New Bands Clear Out!

First: Simply hailing by from Brooklyn, a place where good bands seem to grow on trees, I’m In You can be recommended. That they produce songs as affecting, hefty and all-encompassing as Lurid View is almost by-the-by. I’m In You, childish snigger-inducing name aside, are excellent, dreamy and unctuous. Oh yes.

I’m In You // Lurid View

Second: Crystal Fighters have a song called I Love London. This will rile some, and please others. Non-UK residents: It’s a petty north-south divide thing. Whatever your opinion on the wonderfully vibrant/dirty and rude city, their music is undeniably alive, all shimmer, shudder and creak.

Third: Arranging to tour with Mumford and Sons might appear to be a duff move, but it’s a smart move for Johnny Flynn. His brand of rousing and heartfelt folk is better and subtler than that of the band he’ll be supporting, and hopefully this will be impressed on a monied audience who could easily supply him with the career he deserves. So perhaps Mumford and Sons have their uses after all. Nice.

Fourth: Could the words Satellite Crush ever be used in an actual sentence? It’s hard to picture the circumstances, though I imagine they’d feature a vast cornfield, a smoking crater and the remnants of an unlucky farmer’s tractor. While you’re trying to think of other scenarios, why not listen to the band in question, and see if any clues are proffered?

Finally: The Telegrams’ new CD has really lovely artwork. So lovely, I can hardly take it. It’s the kind of delicate splashing of colour that is so tactile and delicious that I almost forgot to listen to the band, which is unfair, because Telegrams are, well, warm and mellow. I make no apologies for using that word.

No more: no more. Not now. Maybe later. But not now.

3 thoughts on “Another New Band Clear-Out; Endorsement From Lydia Lunch To Follow

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  2. OK, OK, Mumford and Sons aren’t that bad. But Johnny Flynn is better. And I’m In You are probably best of all, but that’s by the by.

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