Radio Show – December’s Top New Bands

December: a great month for bands, a poor month for music blogging, overwhelmed as the internet is with tedious End Of Year lists. So this round-up of the best bands from last month only features three bands instead of the usual five – but Hey! – they’re a cluster of sweet, heartfelt and frankly mental bands.

Listen to this ANBAD radio show to hear who the best three bands were, and then click the links below to learn more about each of them…

December’s Top New Bands From ANBAD!

The bands:

  1. Ep Island! (all songs available free here)
  2. Lissie!
  3. Mike “Yes Yes” Ersing!

5 thoughts on “Radio Show – December’s Top New Bands

  1. mmm… for me the best bands from december were King Kayak, everytime that I was online I couldnt stop playing “john”… Turncoat their 2 songs on their Myspace are really good and finally the canadian Duzheknew wow… if “John” is a godd song for me Duzheknew made with “It Came Out The Other Side, OK” a fantastic song Its so eclectic, and as you said “something interesting will happen”… and Airship with honorable mention. I like the new design.

  2. Hi FerCH – in retrospect, I think that in the rush of uploading and launching the new ANBAD, I forgot all about Duzheknew, who was, indeed, eclectic and excellent. Thanks for reminding me!

  3. many of ma fav bands are in the top bands in the december list this shows my likings are little standard . pls keep sharing

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