>November’s Top Five New Bands!

>Statement of Fact: November was the best month of bands that have featured on ANBAD ever.

In fairness, this is what I conclude every month, and so is either indicative of:

  1. the ever increasing quality of featured new bands (a good thing)
  2. the ever increasing distance between reality and my grasp onto it (not so good)

Here’s hoping for the former, eh, readers? However you look at it, there were a bundle of brilliant bands in November, with a possibly record number given the coveted ‘ANBAD Actual Brilliance’ tag.

So, without further ado, here’s:

November’s Top Five New Bands:

Kria Brekken – We said: “deft, dreamy, gorgeous; chiming with children’s voices, and pulsing with the heartbeats of imaginary animals…”

Young Fathers – We said: “a brilliant, jerky 8-bit-hip-hop-disco melt-up of their own design, so happy and bright that your speakers will leak egg-yellow sunshine.”

Stained Glass Heroes – We said: “if Stained Glass Heroes are the musical accompaniment to the apocalypse, I for one will enjoy my senseless killing and pillaging rampage just that little bit more.” NB: This one might need to be read in context...

And November’s Top New Band was:

Ahem. Well, it was going to be Wild Palms, who are just so brilliant, I can hardly stand it; and then it was going to be I Was A King, whose Norman Bleik is so addictive I whistled it non-stop for a week. So reach for the tweezers while I drop my trousers: this fence-sitting has produced the first ever joint-winners of the coveted November’s Top New Band award:

Wild Palms – We said: “the punctuation-mocking ……Over…..Time….. is an odd, angular swirl riddled with awkwardness and a chopping guitar sound of real beauty.”

Wild Palms – …Over…Time…

I Was A King – We said: “They meld icy Scandinavian sweetness, duvet-cosy feedback and (whisper it) Britpop choruses to form their own musical fjord. Cleverer than you’ll initially give it credit for, sadder than you’d dare hope…”

I Was A King – Norman Bleik

And so that was November. Here comes December, Christmas, and the inevitable deluge of End Of Year Lists. Brace yourself for an endless glut of anally-ordered, hopelessly-ranked and indeterminable Top Tens. And yes, ANBAD will be joining in. Hooray!

2 thoughts on “>November’s Top Five New Bands!

  1. >I’m agree November was a great month all the bands that you posted were fantastic, my birthday’s month jeje after all Stained Glass Heroes, Lost Knives and Wild Palms were my favourites, I’m starting to love this page, I’ve been reading this page since august and I have found great bands thanks!!!! Greetings from Mexico, and i would like to introduce you some bands, like Beast (Quebec) Handsome Furs (Montreal), Hatcham Social (England) anyway great page

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