>ANBAD = Santa

Here in ANBAD Towers, we like to pretend that we’re hugely altruistic, adopting a generous approach to all and sundry. It’s all lies, of course, but the truth – that our wizened hearts are filled with hate and jealousy – is not so appealing to the wider public.

So in a fit of overzealous giving, here’s the first of many lovely musical gifts from US to YOU, which we’ll be scattering over you like a keen groom decorating a four-poster with clammy rose petals.

And what a treat we have today from mysterious anonymous collective Golau Glau, who have made a couple of delightful Christmas-scented songs.

Foolstide and A Tragic Error may not be your run-of-the-mill sleigh-bells-and-church-choir cash-in, but then Golau Glau aren’t that kind of band.

Golau Glau – A Tragic Error

If you want to hear more, both are available as high-quality downloads here.

Ho, ho, ho. Merry Beginning Of The Christmas Onslaught, kids.

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