>Airship, Weevils, Larvae and Pupae

>Woodworm – as pop music subjects go, they’re one of nature’s more overlooked contributions. But Airship are, if nothing else, altruistic in their plotting to showcase the worth in the little larval critters.

And thus their song Woodworm is appropriately named. Tiny and innocuous, it initially seems harmless, but soon you’ll be aware that it has slyly burrowed its way into your affections. A song of slender beauty.

Airship – Woodworm

If Woodworm is almost quaint in its quiet nature, Kids is a voluted, urgent and clean pop shriek that peaks time and time again in a chorus of eyes-to-the-sky life affirmation. It’s on the upcoming, excellent, Love and Disaster New Manchester Artists EP – of which there will be more in the New Year.

Airship aren’t full of hot air – they are precise in their manufacture of happy, shimmering, introspective songs. Mournful and upbeat. Clever.

Photography by Toria Brightside

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