>We Aeronauts and Sex In Transit Vans

What happens when a band grows up? I don’t mean that in the sense of the usual band progression of: Bright Young Things > Big Cynical Rock Juggernaut > Guitarist’s acoustic side project > Band split, reform and discover folk rock. I mean intellectual development, when a band get past the sex-with-groupies-in-the-Transit-Van stage.

‘Thought’ and ‘rock music’ aren’t happy bedfellows, but can occasionally pair up without resulting in honest that’s never happened to me before pretentiousness.

Take We Aeronauts, who maintain a thoughtful approach without making music that is only of interest to themselves. So songs like Fleet River build and grow organically, exploring new dimly-lit places, but not disappearing up one of their own.

Fleet River is a sound-fog of carefully selected rattles, stretched notes and sounds that transform, eventually, into an evocative and grand song. And Boatswain’s Cry is cut from more standard cloth – it’s an actually lovely song; serious without self-importance.

We Aeronauts are charmers: intelligent, educated and talented. If you met them in a bar, you’d ask them out on a date. Listen here!

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