>Today’s New Band – Donny Hue And The Colors

>I’ve been agonising over the thought process behind my recent choice of The Counterpoint as a new band of the day. What was I thinking? Are they a poor joke band, or a supremely care-free example of a band having fun whilst playing the odd good tune? Sometimes, I concluded, the reasoning just doesn’t matter. It’s the route you take, maaan, not the destination.

So the shambling arrival stage left is Donny Hue and The Colors, Today’s New Band. Their music is all about walking the road less worn and seening how it feels. Good Time Happening finds a tip-toe path between ‘coyly sweet love song’ and ‘oh get a grip, man’, and emerges with a gentle, whimsical love story. It’s a quirky, lonely tale of trapped feelings for a person, a place, or a feeling – a feeling that we’ve all been prisoner to at some time. Here’s a lovely song to accompany exactly that.

The Continuously Lost Tales Of Berepidy Tom is just what you’d expect – a rambling shaggy dog story, with outlandish claims of exploration and love. Wild claims are spun from silly half-truths and piled up, gossamer-woven, like candy floss. It’s a similarly sweet treat.

Wait – Donny Hue‘s band is called The Colors. I just got that. Extra points awarded to them for my mouth-breathing stupidity. Sudden insight from slowly-moving brain-cogs aside, Donny Hue and The Colors are a simple and kind pinprick in our complicated, unfriendly times, and as such deserve a place in your life. Listen here, and sugar-sigh with relaxed relief.

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