>The ANBAD Time Machine: Best Of 2008 – Part 2!

Our Christmas-Time listing frenzy wasn’t all Gigs ‘n’ Grumbling, you know (see Part 1). There was a positive element to the end-of-year review, and today we have the creme de la creme: The Best Albums, and the big ‘un – the Best New Bands Of 2008!

So moisten your lips and click here for the best albums – a list with a Pixie, a synth-happy Frenchman and a West Country rapper, though not all on the same album (but what an album that would be).

Then swallow hard and click here for the big one – The TEN Best New Bands featured in 2008! Who got a coveted slot in the top 10? Well, here’s a clue: Scouting For Girls were nowhere to be seen, and neither were The Kooks. But the bands were really, really, really good. Enjoy!

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