>Today’s New Band – Polychromatic

>Right now – right now – my favourite band ever is The Fall. I just can’t stop playing The Classical and its lyrics (“Hey there fuckface! Hey there fuckface!”) are rattling around my brain like loose bolts in a grumpy, sweary machine.

Last week, my favourite band ever was The Pixies. Two weeks before that, it was The Smiths. And so on. People who have an all-time favourite band that never changes aren’t to be trusted, or are Oasis fans.

Who, then, is Today’s New Band’s favourite of all time? Polychromatic‘s songs don’t really give it away. They take a bit of this and a bit of that to create songs that are sometimes dreamy, sometime deranged and sometimes both simultaneously.

Skitter-scattering and cascading manically, I Fell Through (Polychromatic Remix) could be the deranged offspring of a song from the Tron soundtrack. Diamonds Are For Never and Always shimmers like the glare off a lake in a computer-generated world; it’s sweet, warm and exhilarating. Songs like CSI crunch and swoosh assuredly.

Polychromatic takes a vague swipe at the 8-bit compu-sound ethos, but mainly incorporates his own sensibilities, which are, confusingly, both a deftness of touch and a love of manic beats. It works. Listen here!

One thought on “>Today’s New Band – Polychromatic

  1. >Just for reference: my current favorite band is a three-way tie between Black Moth Super Rainbow, The LK, and Deltron 3030.

    Also: You can post MP3 links of my tracks, if you want. Some stuff can be found on my last.fm page, which is here: http://www.last.fm/music/Polychromatic! and I think last.fm wouldn’t care if you direct-linked.

    Also: thanks for the review! I enjoy positive feedback, even if it’s not the most pleasant noise. Who knows, I might use it in a song, some day.

    that was a geeky joke, by the way


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