>Today’s New Band: Tijuana Panthers


I have just got hold of a KORG DS-10 Synthesiser. If that makes me sound like a bit of a tech-muso-whizz, well, maybe that’s what I subconsciously wanted. In reality it’s a cartridge that emulates a vintage Korg synth and turns your Nintendo DS into an all-singing, all-sequencing, all-dancing noise machine. I can now pretend that I’m Steve “Silk” Hurley while I’m on the toilet.

Today’s New Band, Tijuana Panthers, don’t use synthesisers, part-novelty Nintendo/Korg ones or otherwise, as far as I can tell. They stick to making jumpy pop songs with actual instruments, made of wood, metal, blood, sweat and tears.

Tijuana Panthers might well be one of the most lovable bands to have popped up on A New Band A Day. Songs like Girls Gone Wild isn’t the sluts ‘n’ tits-fiesta that the title might suggest, but has the feel of an early 60’s teen-beat sensation band, with knowing lyrics and dreamy pop sensibilities. It’s sexy and cute.

Perhaps Tijuana Panthers are just coy dreamers at heart – Creature and Red Headed Girl might have a scratchy guitar edge, but are actually sweet songs for jiving with your baby to.

Whereas my teeth-rattling efforts mean that the ANBAD throwback-Acid House 12 inch white label release won’t be materialising any time soon, Tijuana Panthers have got this rock lark down to a carefree art. This is probably the first time that the word ‘lovely’ could be used to adequately sum up a band. Listen here!

Apologies for late post and lack of picture today. Blogger is full of hate…

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