>Today’s New Band – Debt Collector

>Last week, in the Grand National, I placed my annual horse racing bet, along with every other doomed once-yearly punter. And like every other once-yearly punter, I pick my horse by going for the ones with the best names, not the one with the best chance of winning.

A horse called Offshore Account took the brunt of my massive cash investment (a shiny £1 coin), its topical name catching my eye. Offshore Account spent most of the time leading the race, until, exhausted under the weight of a gamble that would never pay off, plummeted down the field, never to be seen again. This was a horse acutely aware of its own metaphorical existence.

Today’s New Band were picked because they sound good – but their name, Debt Collector, might be a little too close to home for some people right now. Perhaps they changed their name to fit in.

Songs like Well Sprung are world-weary and tired; the instruments only just dragging in time and dribble with lethargy. In comparison, Anxiety leaps out of the stalls, nimble and almost chipper – but not quite. These songs are enjoyed because of their slow gestation and sparse serving, like a good ragu.

Debt Collector – a glum reminder of financial ruin or a sweet ‘n’ lo-fi soundtrack to a slacker’s daydreaming? The latter rings truest. Listen here!

It’s Easter weekend now, and even bitter atheists will leap at a chance for a holiday. So we’ll be back next Tuesday with a bowel-tremblingly exciting week of ANBAD’s 1st birthday celebrations! Hooray!

2 thoughts on “>Today’s New Band – Debt Collector

  1. >well i love anything alternative but i think they just need to clear up their sound… its sorta hard to enjoy the music when its jumbled up like tht… anywho… other than tht it sounds great!!

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