>Today’s New Band – Parasite PLUS! Fight The Power!


There’s a protest outside the big BBC building in Manchester. It’s anti-Palestine or anti-Gaza; I forget which. A few days ago, it was in a sorry state – one middle aged woman harrumphing at the world, a cardboard sign, and some candles. But last night, troops rallied, a large-ish, vocal group were there banging the same metaphorical drums as ever.
They had a song that went, “We’re together! We’re united! We will never be defeated!” It sadly lacked that little bit of pizazz to really, incisively shake the evil empire out of its corporate fug. Sadly, not one of the protesters had even a cursory knowledge of Sham 69‘s back catalogue, as they would have known that “divided” would have been a much better rhyme for their final couplet. Frankly, by the looks on their faces, “We will never be delighted” would have been more appropriate.
Some people just need a wall to bang their heads against. In this group’s case, the TV studios where they film BBC Children In Need is close enough to The Man to suffice. The only banging of heads induced by Today’s New Band, Parasite, will be those that occur on the dancefloor of a sweat-drenched club when the involuntary arm-flailing his truly mentalist tunes cause take their toll.
Parasite is a DJ who, seemingly, whelps outrageously hardcore jungle tunes. That, and the fact that they’re brilliant is all you need to know, in many respects. The fabulous thing about music this out-there and non-inclusive is that it will deter anyone who is even a tiny bit concerned with artifice. If you’re the kind of person who worries that your skinny-tie-and-ironic-tanktop will be simply ruined in the sweat-pit conditions of a jungle or breakcore nightclub, stop reading now.
If, though, losing it on the dancefloor for six straight hours, until your limbs, ears and mind are all aching is your idea of a good time, then his music should be clutched close to your clammy chest. Parasite’s songs are designed for losing yourself in exactly these conditions. Now Get Ill, straddling novelty and mind-shredding brilliance; I Love You Baby, pounding you into broken submisison with ragga-jungle clout; Strong Like A Lion providing quasi-respite, bubbling and echoing before it zips into banging mentalism again.
Parasite makes music with a smile on his face, but is dead serious about having a good time. Music for the fans, by the fans, with no regard for being named on any hipster magazine’s ‘cool’ list. You may not like the sound, but the reasoning’s perfect. Listen here!

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