>October’s Top Five Bands From A New Band a Day!


Perhaps music is a bit like TV, in that, as autumn slips by and winter looms large, the programmes shown get better and newer. This month has been the most varied, exciting and downright unusual on A New Band A Day – EVER!

So here’s the traditional look back at October’s five best bands, in no particular order (except for the month’s #1 band, obviously):

5) Keyboard ChoirWe said, “plaintive electronic sounds – the noises glum, lonely astronauts would force out of their simple onboard computers in the 1970’s.”

4) The Furbelows – We said, “as simple, attractive and as much fun as a Playboy Playmate, and twice as pleasant to listen to.”

3) Internet Forever – We said, “it’s like discovering an old unlabelled TDK C90 and finding a whistling, two-tone indie pop classic amongst the static.”

2) Mirror Mirror – We said, “simple souls who use complex music and befuddled lyrics to do simple things.”


1) Awesome Wells – awesome name, awesome band. Puns galore in their name, which was almost enough to win that coveted #1 spot.

But what sealed the deal was that, “if you combined mid-90’s Tortoise with the entire BBC Sound Effects Library, you may come close to approximating Awesome Wells‘ sound. But you wouldn’t come anywhere near to his precise, caring control – the sounds ebb, flow and weave together to the point where any lingering doubts are assuaged by the gleefulness of the sonic journey you’ve just taken.”

Yum. More fantastic bands coming in November!

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