>Today’s New Band – Form Banal PLUS! Exciting times ahead for ANBAD!


Greetings all. Let me start by introducing myself. You may have heard that ANBAD is undergoing a few changes, and I, Jamie, am one of those changes. First and foremost, praise and thanks be to Joe, founder of and, until this very moment in time, sole contributor to A New Band a Day. Whilst Joe remains undisputable king and ruler of our much loved blog, I have been politely asked* to step in on the odd occasion that Joe goes on one of his super-massive benders which put Shane McGowan to shame (read: Spanish class).

I hope, in time, to win you over. And like your creepy ex-schoolmate’s friend requests on Facebook, I will not stop until I do. Or Joe politely asks* me to stop hacking into his website and generally ruining his life. In order to encourage our burgeoning friendship, that it may grow into something beautiful and not-at-all creepy, I bring you a gift. I bring the gift of music.

Expectations of my ability suitably lowered, let’s see who today’s new band is. Well they’re (he’s?) “Form Banal”, and they’re/he’s from Germany. They/he have/has one of the cleverest band names I’ve ever heard. In fact, it’s not so much a band name, more a subversive marketing strategy of which the KLF would be proud. It says, “fine, come listen to us, but don’t expect much. In fact, don’t expect anything.” I encourage you to approach them with the same attitude.

starts with distorted synths, tight beats and just the right amount of electro swagger, and made me forget about Fischerspooner ever getting another record deal (I think that sometimes we all need a reminder that “christians are fun”). I Keep My Pussy Wet, is brilliantly simplistic, deconstructed electro. I don’t know which one of their/his songs available on their/his Myspace will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day, but guaranteed one of them will. Personally I will be whistling all of these songs on my way home in the rain, at the same time, because my spazzed out brain cannot decide which is best.

Personally, if they had called themselves Super Ace German Electro Pioneers, the Likes of Which I Have Not Heard In A Long Time, I would still not have been disappointed.
How about you decide? Yeah that’s right, you do some work for a change and click here for all your electro needs

*Beats me within an inch of my life

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