>Today’s New Band – Mirror! Mirror!

>“Simplicity,” said Leonardo da Vinci, “is the ultimate sophistication.” This is a man who invented the helicopter 400 years before it was technically possibly to construct one, so perhaps we should pay heed.

Simplicity is what makes things like the wheel, as well as other more prosaic activities like picking your nose and eating jars of Marshmallow Fluff, so brilliant. Today’s New Band, Mirror! Mirror! are super-simple in many ways. They just want to have the proverbial Good Time, All The Time.

Song Wolfgang Bang has all these things in its favour:

  1. Wonderful, A-Grade, pun-tastic title;
  2. A great disco-tastic beat that drives the song along like a joyrider who’s just popped on his Bonkers! CD (mixed by Hixxy, natch)
  3. More Cowbell!
  4. It is lyrically WISE“On the subject of vegetables, do you get your five-a-day? Do you rubber up? Protect yourself from AIDS?” – these are lessons we could all learn from.

Don’t Mind If I Do doesn’t mind at all, and crashes out at you, before grabbing you by the ears and shaking you until you submit to Mirror! Mirror!‘s uncompromising, uncomplicated regime of Dance! Dance! Until You Submit!

Mirror! Mirror! are simple souls who use complex music and befuddled lyrics to do simple things. Mirror! Mirror!: da Vinci’s favourite band. Probably. Listen here!

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