>Today’s New Band – Gum Takes Tooth

>This time of year usually requires an anti-spring clean. Whereas in April, the compulsion is to ditch armfuls of superfluous crud – novelty Christmas presents whose batteries have finally run out, crockery that is so chipped you keep gashing your hand every time you carelessly hold them, etc. – as of now, it’s the time to feather the nest in readiness for winter. Sweep the rubbish back into your life and luxuriate in the organised chaos of clutter.

Perhaps this is a rule that could be readily applied aurally too. Summertime is all about a combination of relaxing songs to listen to in the sun and abhorrently catchy Eurohits, but now we’re plunging into the dark depths of Autumn/Winter, maybe we need a new (old) broom to sweep back in the grime.

Step forward, then, Today’s New Band, Gum Takes Tooth, two bizarro noisemakers from London.
Lofty Thatch begins at a BAZILLION miles an hour and keeps it foot pressed to the floor, laughing maniacally at all the puny earthlings bouncing off the windshield. Imagine building your own Monster Truck out of scrap tanks, oil drums, spaceships and bazookas, and then driving the whole thing through the set of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome – your resultant noise (and probably the peril you’d create) would sound similar to this.

Another of their noise-scapades, Grommet Saga, is the sound that only you can hear inside your head when a particularly drunken dentist is making exploratory drilling into your molars. Except it’s a slightly more bloody experience.

Gum Takes Tooth: deliberately obtuse. The sound of the your immediate, unnerving future: listen here.

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