>Today’s New Band – Chrik

>Jazz, as we all know, and have touched upon before on A New Band A Day, is the last refuge of the untalented. Maybe it’s a bit like golf and opera, in that the thought of partaking in it becomes more tempting as you get older. The element of Jazz which is enticing, I suppose, is the free-form, deliberate, structurally-deformed part. This idea has been applied to rock by a whole load of bands, who, for their efforts, were then horribly lumbered with the tag of ‘Post-Rock’.

Today’s New Band, Chrik, aren’t post-rock, but do share an ethos with Mogwai et al. Their music though, is less wide-open and grand, and more youthful, energetic and sprightly; just like in their song Ben Nevis – an enjoyable zoom through changing landscapes, never becoming truly wearisome – much like a stroll around the mountain* itself.

Their songs wander without meandering aimlessly – some feat considering the sheer volume of tedious crud of the same ilk out there. Clicksticks or Stickclicks is a genuinely lovely, slow-burning, tinkling song that loops around itself like a happy Boa Constrictor.

Jazz for The Youth Of Today? Maybe, but then Chrik are entirely enjoyable, which is an immediate improvement. Listen to them here!

And incidentally, yes, the name ‘Chrik‘ is a portmanteau of the two names of band members, Chris and Rik. POP FACT.

*it’s just a big hill, let’s face it

COMING NEXT WEEK: A New Band A Day’s 100th band! Stay tuned for Centenary Celebrations!

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