>Today’s New Band – White Williams – Bestival Themed Week

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Mixing and matching is a whole bundle of fun – that’s why Fuzzy Felts and Sticklebricks were the the weapons of choice at playschool when i was a nappy-bound dribbler. This inquisitive desire to put two and two together and see if they make three, four or even five stays, latent, with even the most rock ‘n’ roll of adults.

Hence a band that has a smattering of Talking Heads‘ polyrhythmics, whilst simultaneously somehow summoning up the spirit (though not the sound) of 80’s RAWK, yet without any of the awful associated ear-pounding, poodle-haired horrors. This sounds like either alchemy, insanity or stupidity – but it’s actually a fair starting point when describing Today’s New Band, White Williams.

Pulling sounds together and fusing them to make something that is almost entirely unique White Williams are creative, idiosyncratic and mysterious. Funnily enough, when these facets of rock align, great tunes almost always result – and guess what, it’s happened again.

Songs like New Violence chime and shimmer brightly, then dip into lo-fi simplicity, before bursting out, wide-eyed into joyfully soaring choruses. Violator also draws influence from a billion different bands all at once, and works to produce a fabulous new sound that wobbles along like a happy fat man in a Hot Chip-py, Lou Reed-y sort of way.

Always restrained and controlled, but not compromising their ambitious scope, still managing to zip around inventively with a wilful naivety, White Williams are dreamy, happy and brilliant. Listen now!

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