>Today’s New Band – Appleblim – Bestival Themed Week!

>A New Band A Day continues its trawl through the Best of, er… Bestival

A.N.B.A.D. is about to go on holiday. Not the kind of holiday we’ve been on recently, when canvas, mud, cider and temperatures approaching zero Kelvin have been the primary features, but one in France, where the sun is out all the time, the steak is de cheval and the music is one of two options: Stupidly bangin’ or merely stupid.

But before we cram ourselves with the rest of the cattle on the cheapo flight out there and dream of all the vin rouge, steak tartare and hypermarchés that makes France so special, there’s time for one more fabulous nouvelle bande for you to rub against your curious ears.

Indeed, Today’s New Band, Appleblim, are perfect for those in-between moments in life, say, whilst you’re helplessly speeding at 300 MPH in a metal tube in the stratosphere, and you need to be distracted so that your whitened knuckles loosen on the arm rests.

Detached and calm but jittering, Peverelist Appleblimcircling skitters lopsidedly, whilst its cousin, Peverelist Appleblim Over Here is almost ‘anti-dub dub’, and electronic, spacey, wide-open track of epically small/large proportions. Circling Bass Clef Remix is even further removed from the ordinary, threatening to veer either towards mentalism or straightforwardness, but never reaching either point, thankfully.

Check it out and then check your mind out to Appleblim‘s space-tastic tunes – right here.

Meanwhile, look out for ANBAD on our return in two weeks, with loads more acers bands (durrrr), but also a MONSTER MASSIVE SUPER SURPRISE! What could it be? You’ll have to wait and see to find out!

Oh, OK, it’ll be a WOW-WEE SUPER site re-design. Pfft. A Bientot!

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