>Today’s New Band – Voo

>Another Liverpool band? This is getting silly. A New Band A Day has been littered with them recently, with Indica Ritual and My Amiga most recently using all their Scouse powers of persuasion on us. And look, here comes another one, with stereotypically jaunty tunes, and melodies coming out of their eyeballs.

When will these bands learn that if you want to be a rock star these days, it’s not about having good songs, but about being photographed falling out of nightclubs, getting shabby on crack and slinging out a half-hearted Boomtown Rats sound-a-like album every 18 months? Some people just don’t get it.

So, Today’s New Band, Voo, steadfastly refuse to go all New-Rave or New-Gaze or New-[insert most recently dug-up old genre here] on us. Instead, with songs like Favourite Films, they demonstrate a keen ear for chipper, slightly anthemic pop-rock. Schnik Schnak Schnuk is an ace, building crunchy song that has not one, but two! of everyone’s favourite rock tricks – the false ending and a “na-na-na-naa” bit. Acoustic For Sake of Space is either a title or a disclaimer, I’m not sure, but it definitely is light, delicate and mournfully enticing.

I get the feeling that Voo would sound even better live. They’re touring soon, so keep ’em peeled. Listen to their songs here!

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