>Today’s New Band – Glam Chops

>Mixing things together is one of those childlike pleasures that never leaves us as we’re drawn, inexorably, towards adulthood. Presented with a table of food, what child doesn’t think, “I wonder what happens if I stir that gravy into that ketchup/mashed potatoes/custard and then taste it?” It seems like only a whole load of good can come from dedicated investigating like this. The truth is somewhat harder to swallow, literally and metophorically, and surely the real reason for the glut of knuckle-chewingly idiotic ‘mash-ups’ that polluted the internet a while ago.

In the non-gravy laden world of rock ‘n’ roll, what happens when two rock asteroids collide? Again, mixed results inevitably ensue. For every wonderful Fairytale of New York, there’s a brain-auto-euthanasia-ing Ebony and Ivory. These collaborations should be approached with extreme caution, or dodged altogether, just in case.

Today’s New Band, Glam Chops, is a meeting of, amongst others, Eddie Argos and David Devant from the lovely Art Brut and the delicious David Devant and His Spirit Wife. Surely nothing can go wrong?

Well, no, nothing can go wrong. Yes, it’s Glam Rock, and no, it’s not changed that much since the 70’s – but that’s only a good thing. Glam Chops lovingly revisit the past, but unlike Marty McFly, don’t muck around with it. Don’t Be Glum Be Glam is just pure, mindless fun – the best kind of all. HUGE guitars, HUGER choruses and chant-along verses VAST enough to climb on and lever the earth out of orbit.

In The Lord Is A Man of War, Glam Chops, frankly, push the basic tenets of glam to it’s mentalist conclusions, with a monster reverb-spazzed guitar solo and guitars so crunchy that they’ve probably been constructed purely from Tortilla Chips.

More fun than hot oil wrestling, more catchy than the airborn Ebola virus from Outbreak and more out of sync with today’s po-faced haircut-rock posturing than Kenny Rogers, Glam Chops are here to change the world. Imagine a platform boot stamping on a human face – forever. Then imagine the face is Johnny Borrell’s. Or just listen to their brilliant songs here.

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