>Today’s New Band – The Ondt and the Gracehopper

>A New Band A Day is in a tent for the next few days, idiotically camping in a tent in deepest darkest Cheltenham to go to the lovely 2000Trees Festival. And guess what? It’s going to rain non-flipping stop. I feel a small knot of dread building in my stomach. A knot which is accompanied by images of sitting in the ANBAD tent playing UNO for three days. Such feelings should probably be steeped in music that’s a bit melancholy.

Today’s New Band fit this bill perfectly. The Ondt and The Gracehopper are Danish, and make songs that are, believe it or not, upliftingly gloomy. Somehow they combine downtrodden hopelessness with big, fuzzy guitars and create a fantastic sound that’s not sad enough to make you reach for the Valium, but not uplifting enough to warrant rubbing Vick’s Vapo-rub on your chest and rush off to a Scooter concert. Perhaps they’re Zen in band form.

Whatever they are, they’re definitely ace – as songs Demon Drive and Year of the Dog testify. They can make a chorus soar beautifully for miles, whilst remaining determinedly glum – a feat in itself. Listen to their music at their Myspace page – www.myspace.com/theondtandthegracehoper – for a gulp of their relaxing despondency.

So, remember, we’re under canvas, sobbing, hoping the rain will stop, for a couple of days now. BUT BUT BUT! There’ll still be lots of lovely stuff happening on A New Band A Day, so tune in and think of us as we spend a weekend wallowing in grime.

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