>Today’s New Band – Held By Hands

>Much like a good joke, the outcomes of life’s intricacies depend on great, erm, you know…. timing. We’ve all thought of the right thing to do or say just 10 minutes later than would have been useful – the witty put-down to the brainless idiot who mocked you in a bar, or the slowly dawning realisation that maybe saying ‘yes’ to an asymmetrical mullet may not have been the right course of action.

The same is true with bands. So many bands have been in the right place at the wrong time that it’s painful. It’s a horrible truth is that if you are out of kilter with the majority, the chances of recognition are minimal – you could call it Van Gogh Syndrome. Fortunately most musicians don’t follow his example to the letter, otherwise there would be severed ears scattered around guitar shops and recording studios all over the country.

Today’s New Band, Held By Hands, were one that I had on my ‘to do’ list for a few months. As much of the decision-making process behind electing each day’s new abnd is almost entirely arbitrary, today suddenly felt right to be a Held By Hands day. Their porcelain-delicate songs, which build and build but still seem as light as air at the end, were just perfect for easing gently into the coming week.

So how bowel-churningly typical that I revisited their Myspace page to find that Held By Hands split up about 3 weeks ago. This all leaves their beautiful song, Trading on Past Treasures, even more poignant, and definitely more fitting. It’s a typically light, thoughtful and pretty swoop through introspectiveness, reaching a chorus of, “My God we were innocent/ My God, it was such a good time.” Listen to their songs here, before they disappear, and mourn a bit for the passing of a lovely, unique band.

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